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Inside Llewyn Davis

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In 1961 New York City, folk singer Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) is at a crossroads. Guitar in hand, he struggles against seemingly insurmountable obstacles to make a name for himself in the music world, but so far, success remains elusive. Relying on the kindness of both friends and strangers, Llewyn embarks on an odyssey that takes him from the streets of Greenwich Village to a Chicago club, where awaits a music mogul who could give him the big break that he desperately needs.

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  • (Male) Deseret News Critic

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    This is obviously not a movie for kids, so I'll spare you the reasons I rated it a 16+. But as a movie, this is pretty fantastic filmmaking, and a story that gets better with age. Slow roasted, poignant, melodious -- you know how movies are usually about that extraordinary guy who does extraordinary things? This is a movie about the rest of the world.


    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    The performances – including appearances by Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, and F. Murray Abraham – are uniformly good, and most of the actors sing their own songs. If you’re not a fan of folk music, the film’s existentialist feel may drive you mad. But for me, the movie worked its quiet spell, and I have a feeling it will continue to grow on me... <a href="" class="external" target="blank">See Full Review</a>

  • (Male) Catholic News Service

    Not ok | Not Worth Your Time

    Brothers Joel and Ethan Coen ("No Country for Old Men"), who directed and wrote the screenplay, were inspired by the life of genre legend Dave Van Ronk (1936-2002). Aesthetically, the product of the siblings' collaboration is an absorbing, atmospheric odyssey with hummable music.

    Regrettably, however, their script is chock-full of filthy dialogue and, worse still, freighted with misguided values concerning the sacredness of human life and the gift of sexuality... <a href="" class="external" target="blank">See Full Review</a>

  • (Male) Standard Examiner

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    It’s a good Coen Bros. movie, not my favorite, but enjoyable. A classic? Not to me, but I’ve learned I sometimes need extra viewings of one of their movies to truly appreciate them. Maybe that’s the case here... <a href="" class="external" target="blank">See Full Review</a>

  • (Male) Michael Medved Show

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    Two and a half stars for tthe artful but aggravating Inside Llewyn Davis... <a href="" class="external" target="blank">See Full Review</a>

  • (Female) Movie Mom

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    Oscar Isaac gives the best performance of the year as the title character in the most intimate and profound movie yet from the Coen brothers. The Coens insisted on filming the songs live rather than pre-recording, and one of the wonders of this film is the way that Isaac makes each song more than a musical performance

    Read more: <a href="" class="external" target="blank">See Full Review</a>


    Mature 18+ | Not Worth Your Time

    INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS is an odd, slow, bleak look at 1961 Greenwich Village, after the Kingston Trio hit it big but just before Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul, & Mary revived folk music. The writer and director brother team, Joel and Ethan Coen, convey the cold, grey lifestyle of the serious folk artist. Intentionally, they drop viewers in the middle of Llewyn’s life, with no proper beginning or end. This makes the movie longer and more tedious than it should be. Llewyn is an irresponsible jerk throughout the movie, learning nothing during his erratic week. He clearly adopts a Romantic worldview that many musical artists held to back then and still do today. Thus, Llewyn chooses to float in the wind, living day by day with no vision for the future. This, along with abundant foul language and an abortion subplot, make INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS unappealing... <a href="" class="external" target="blank">See Full Review</a>

  • (Female) USA TODAY

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    Inside Llewyn Davis is a puzzling title since the film never fully conveys just who he is. As played by Oscar Isaac, he's snidely funny, world-weary and deeply sad. Though his story is enigmatic, the film itself is brilliantly acted, gorgeously shot and altogether captivating... <a href="" class="external" target="blank">See Full Review</a>

  • (Male) Movie Nation

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    A few fine performances (F. Murray Abraham plays a folk impresario) burnish a lot of seemingly random scenes, many of which place choices in front of Llewyn, who is sure to make the wrong one. And with all the brooding that goes on “Inside Llewyn Davis,” the movie, which never has much momentum, stops cold with every bit of perfectly-recreated music on a stage... <a href="" class="external" target="blank">See Full Review</a>

Okfor ages12+